About the book

Over the last nineteen years as a practicing psychologist, I have noticed an increase in the number of people suffering from Anxiety and/or Depression.  According to World Health Organisation, “Depression is a common mental disorder. Globally, an estimated 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression.  Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease”.  According to statistics collected by Beyond Blue, “Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. In Australia, it’s estimated that 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.  In any one year, around 1 million Australian adults have depression, and over 2 million have anxiety.”

A common complaint that I continuously hear from clients who have tried therapy in the past, is that while therapy may have helped them develop a better understanding of their mental illness, it hasn’t been as effective in treating their condition.  Therapy can only be effective in treating Depression and Anxiety if the main goal and focus is on the cause and contributing factors and not only on the symptoms. Without first working out the cause you cannot work on the solution. A good therapist should be able to help you build the bridge from where you are to where you need and want to be.

While most trained therapist understand the concept behind Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), very few know how to apply it in therapy to achieve the results for their clients. The reasons behind writing Heal You Mind, Heal Your Life, was to provide you with the strategies based on the CBT concept to enable you to build ‘the bridge’ to get you to a place where you will be able to live the life you have always wanted to but never could. There are too many people that live a life of existence. To actually ‘live life’ you need to live life outside of your comfort zone and to do this, you need to not fear the challenges life presents.  

While there can be both internal and external causes of depression, internal factors are the factors that I have encountered as a practicing psychologist to be the most common contributing factor for Depression. By external factors I mean, factors beyond one’s control, such as a permanent impairment, and internal factors are those that one has the power to change, such as self-esteem. A critically low self-esteem will stand in your way of living life to your potential. You are likely to avoid situations and try to minimise failure and rejection by staying within your comfort zone. Staying within your comfort zone is likely to make you feel trapped which will inevitably result in Depression. If you suffer from critically low self-worth, you might experience a high degree of Anxiety whenever you attempt to step out of your comfort zone, and experience severe Depression when you stay within your comfort zone to prevent Anxiety.  Basically you are damned if you do, and damned if you don’t until you develop a healthy sense of self-worth.  Once you develop a healthy self-esteem and develop the necessary coping skills, your life will change dramatically. You will have people you want in your life, instead of continuously putting effort into people who do not make you feel valued. You will take steps to better your life when you no longer fear failure, and feel more comfortable to take the calculated risks and steps you need to live life to your potential.

Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life is a practical and comprehensive self-help book offering simple and effective techniques for overcoming both Anxiety and Depression.  You will learn to how to identify your symptoms, how to let go of unhealthy coping mechanisms, and learn the most effective cognitive-behavioural therapy based strategies you can use to overcome both Depression and Anxiety. The book contains step-by-step guidelines, questionnaires, and exercises to help you learn skills and make long-lasting changes necessary to achieve a fulfilling life, healthy relationships, and full recovery.

Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life can be used to develop your own self-help program or as a tool in therapy. Unlike other books that only develop self-awareness and an understanding of Depression and Anxiety, this book helps you identify the contributing factors in the development of these two mental conditions, highlight unhealthy coping mechanisms, and develop healthy and more effective coping skills to treat and recover from both Depression and/or Anxiety.  This book will help you overcome your Depression and/or Anxiety and help you finally live a healthy and rewarding life.

Topics Include:

  • What is Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • Healthy Coping and Defence Mechanisms
  • The role of self-esteem, assertiveness skills, and proactive problem-solving skills in overcoming and preventing Anxiety and Depression.
  • Techniques to develop a Healthy Sense of Self-Worth and Self-Esteem
  • Practical and Effective Strategies to correct unhealthy thinking patterns and belief systems.
  • How Perfectionism and high unrealistic standards impact on self-esteem and linked to Depression and Anxiety.
  • The development of Assertiveness and Interpersonal skills as necessary tools in developing healthy relationships and boundaries,
  • Effective relaxation techniques for overcoming and preventing Anxiety and Stress.