About the author

Author of Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life - Corinne CoeOver the last two decades Author-Psychologist Corinne Coe has successfully treated thousands of people suffering from mental illness.

In the year 2001 she opened her private practice in Cleveland, Queensland, Australia where she still practices from today. Her style of therapy has always been about getting to the core of the problem (the cause) rather than focusing on the symptoms.

“A lot of my clients have done lot of research on their condition and come in with a lot of insight about their symptoms. What they really need is a solution to end their suffering. They need a trained therapist to not only apply the therapeutic techniques needed to treat the cause; but who is also able to teach the them how to apply the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy technique to empower them to take control of their life.”

Corinne Coe’s practicing style does just that.

“At the end of therapy, my clients walk away with the necessary tools to tackle life’s challenges in a proactive and effective manner, and with the CBT strategies needed to maintain a healthy mind”.

Corinne’s top priority in therapy has always been to help her client reach a state of mental wellbeing. The focus and goal of her therapy has always been to free her clients from whatever was holding them back from living a healthy, fulfilling and meaningful life.

Seeing the positive results of her therapy over the nineteen years prompted Corinne to incorporate her style of therapy into a self-help book. She developed a simplified version of CBT that not only clients could apply in their life, but also that therapists could apply in their treatment. These simplified CBT techniques are outlined in her book, Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life.

“Seeing the positive changes in my clients inspired me to write ‘Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life’. I wanted to give people who could not afford therapy, or who were not comfortable enough to seek psychological treatment, to have an opportunity to use the book to work through their issues with the same techniques used in therapy.”

“One of the greatest pleasures in my life is to see the growth and changes within my clients as they transition through the therapeutic process, and seeing them reach a state where they finally feel in control of their life and future. A common comment I am privileged to hear from my clients at the end of treatment, is that they wished that they had learned these tools early on and not have wasted so many years of their life.”

Corinne Coe’s self-help book, Heal Your Mind, Heal Your Life was written to achieve just that.